Bark Class

​​VIP Dog Training in Basingstoke is an accredited, qualified, bespoke, dog obedience school for puppies and older dogs. Are you interested in teaching your canine companion? We make it fun!

​If you are having difficulties with your dog that is more than just them being a bit naughty then you may need behavioural counselling. This is more in depth than just a jumping up or
lead pulling problem. If your dog is lunging and barking at people of dogs with the intent to hurt them, biting other people or dogs, has separation anxiety or is fearful, then this is the option for you!

By following our proven, Modern and force free methods we guarantee that you will see an improvement in your dogs behaviour. The longer you attend for, the better the results! It really is risk free! 

How this works is we will come to your home and discuss the problems you are having and work out a bespoke behaviour modification training programme for you and your dog. Our Behaviour modification training programmes are designed with you according to the difficulties you are experiencing. Unlike obedience training, behaviour modification can be a slow process and you need to be fully committed to the programme for it to be successful. There is no "one size fits all" solution to behaviour modification and each programme is designed to keep you, your dog and those around you safe while you train.

Initially we will take some information from you regarding your problem over the telephone and if applicable will send you a questionnaire to complete and send back. We will then book an initial consultation with you which can last up to 2 hours. The initial consultation is conducted at your home, where we will discuss in more detail the difficulties you are having and will design a training programme with you.​​​

​"Dale helped us so much with our two rescue Labradors. Monty hadn't been trained at all when we got him and Daisy was well trained but anxious and sometimes aggressive around other dogs. Dales' one to one sessions, classes and pack walks made a huge difference to both dogs and to us - we can actually enjoy walking them now! We had spoken to a number of other trainers before who either said that Monty was too much of a challenge for them or wanted to use violence to control him. Dales approach was brilliant - nothing was too much of a challenge, she made everything fun for the dogs and also taught us what we needed to do and why so we can keep training outside of classes. Dale is fantastic with our dogs and we trust her with them 100%. Both dogs absolutely adore her"                                                                                                    ​Becky with Daisy and Monty, Labradors

Behaviour modification cannot be solved in one session, so we do offer discounts on block bookings of sessions. Once you have paid for a block booking it is non refundable and you have 6 months to utilise the sessions An initial consultation is priced from £150.00 and sessions thereafter are charged from £100.00 an hour, if you block book and pay for several sessions in advance the cost starts from £90.00 an hour. But please be aware that once you have paid for a block booking all monies are non refundable. A non refundable deposit is taken when you book your initial consultation. These prices are for Basingstoke based consultations. 

For more information please fill out the booking form below or call Dale.


If you refer a friend who books for a course of one to ones or behaviour counselling you and the friend both receive a 10% discount! There is no catch!

​Not applicable to silver, gold or platinum packages as these are already discounted 

We offer a range of packages for you, depending on how much time you can commit to training and what your dogs needs are:​

Behaviour consultation
Bronze package - Initial consultation - £150 
Silver package - Initial consultation and 3 follow up sessions £420
Gold Package - Initial consultation and 4 follow up, 4 social walks (when behaviour appropriate), access to VIP Inner Circle group £545
Platinum package - initial consultation, 5 follow up session, 6 social walks (when behaviour appropriate), access to VIP Inner Circle group, membership £690.00

All prices are based on Basingstoke locations. Other locations may be more expensive. 

This class is designed to show you how to manage your dog when they react to other dogs. It is important to understand that your dog may never want to interact with other dogs and that we should never force our dogs to do this. What we aim to do in this class is to change the dogs emotional response to other dogs. We will show you how to change this so that over time you will be able to walk your dog past other dogs without lunging, barking or biting. 
Behaviour consultation 

Behaviour consultation Terms and Conditions. 

​Payment is due in advance by Bank Transfer.
Once booked all monies are non refundable. 
​Once booked you have 6 months to utilise the service. 
All services are non transferable. You cannot pass unused sessions or services to someone else, you cannot transfer credit to another service. 
Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will forfeit the cost of the session. 
If the trainer deems the situation too risky, sees something dangerous or feels the dog has had enough, they reserve the right to cut the session short with no refunds. 

You will need to follow all advice and put the work in between the sessions for the training to work. 

In some cases the advice may be to not walk your dog to avoid the situations until your dog is at a point it can deal with the environment. 

We may ask to liaise with your vet to ensure the result is as fair to the dog as possible.

If we are seeing you for reactivity you need to be aware that your dog may never want to or enjoy interacting with people or dogs. The aim is to change the dogs emotional reaction to the stimulus not make them love it. 

Behaviour consultation is a bespoke service for a range of behaviour problems, including, but not limited to:

Dog to dog reactivity,

Dog to dog aggression,

Dog to person reactivity,

Dog to person aggression,

Separation issues,

Anxiety issues, ​

Shadow/tail chasing

What is important to remember is that we are working on changing the dogs emotional response to the stimulus, this means that if your dog is reactive to other dogs or people you need to understand that your dog may never want to socialise or interact with the stimulus, but we can change the way they view and act towards it. 

Just like sometimes we don't like a person, we have to understand that our dog might not either. Asking our dogs to greet every dog or person with a wagging tail and a happy outlook is unreasonable. But what we can do is change the behaviour so that your dog doesn't bark, lunge or try and bite the thing they dislike. 

"I hope you don't mind but I am going to skip the rest of puppy classes. You have done such a fantastic job with both of us that I don't think we need them. You have completely transformed my confidence around bigger dogs, and she has been such a star that I think your job is done! 

You have really given me confidence, which is half the battle I think! My heart doesn't sink when I see a big dog now, I just think oooh this is a chance to practise!

Today we met a husky in the park, and Lottie was a little superstar! She focused on me, and we walked past no problem."

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Claire and Lottie, Cockerpoo


Prices and packages

Our Bark Class is designed for dogs who lunge, bark and don't like other dogs. The course is 4 weeks long, and only has 4 dogs on it. Because of the  nature of the class and the dogs attending we have a ratio of 2 instructors for every 2 dogs. Safety is our number one priority on this course so all dogs MUST be muzzled! A basket muzzle is recommended as your dog can still pant, drink and take treats. A cloth muzzle doesn't allow the dog to pant and can only be used for short periods of time, and most importantly your dog can still deliver a front tooth bite - and biting is what we want to avoid! So we do not recommend a cloth muzzle for this class

In addition to this we will explain to you how and why the training works, give you tips on how to control your dog and also introduce some formal training to boot! Afterall if you have a well trained dog you will feel much more in control and feel a lot calmer about handling your dog.

To book onto the Bark Class simply fill in the booking form below. Once we receive your booking form we will send you a questionnaire to fill in so that we can ensure we have all of the essential information to help you! If you have any questions about our Bark Class please contact Dale.

Currently this course is run on a demand basis, so if you would like to attend this course we will put your details on a waiting list and contact you with details of when the course will be run.