She now has an eclectic selection of dogs - a Japanese Akitas, a Shiba Inu and a Husky x Malamute x Northern Inuit x Czech Wolf Dog. As you can tell from her own dogs Dale loves a challenge and doesn't do things by halves! All of Dales dogs are her pets first and training dogs second. She didn't get any of her  dogs to keep the others company or to use for training purposes, each one of her dogs was chosen because she had an interest in the breed and wanted to share her life with them.

Several of Dales dogs came with behavioural problems ranging from the mild to the severe. Dale worked on these issues by herself and has resolved them, so she understands what it is like to live with a problem dog and she also understands better than most the work and dedication that goes into resolving behavioural problems.

She is always looking to expand her knowledge of dogs and their behaviour, so regularly attends training courses and seminars, as well as regularly reading a wide variety of training books and watching DVD's. Keeping herself educated with the very best and most modern techniques and services available in the industry so that you can be sure that the education you receive is the best available in the area!

Dale is a member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, Tthe Pet Professional Network, International companion animal network and is also a veterinary trained microchip implanter, and is registered with Petlog as a qualified microchip implanter.

Courses and qualifications:

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Full Member.​

Pet Professional Network - Professonal Member

​International companion animal network - Affilliate member

First Aid at work - Qualified first aider (for humans).
Pet first aid - Qualified first aider (for animals).
Ian Dunbar Seminar - Sirius Academy - Puppy Training Classes.
Ian Dunbar Seminar - Sirius Academy - Adolescent/Adult Dog Training Classes.
Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour - 5 day Training, Instructing and Handling course.
Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour - British Kennel Club Good Citizen Test, Bronze Level.
Affiliated to the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers having obtained a Certificate in Basic Instructional Techniques (2nd Grade).
British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers Bronze Certificate in Basic Dog Ownership.
Dr Roger Abrantes Seminar - The Brave new world of Dog Training: Science with a brain and a heart.
Nick Thompson Seminar -Neutering is not so Neutral.
Geert De Bolster Seminar - Dog Aggression.
Ian Dunbar Seminar - Sirius Academy - Business, Promotion, People Training and Games.
Ian Dunbar Seminar - Sirius Academy - Behaviour Counselling.
Northern Centre for Canine  Behaviour - 7 day Professional Dog Behaviour Councelling.
Dr Nicholas Dodman Seminar - The Well Adjusted Dog.
The Pet Chip Company Limited - Microchip implant training course.
Registered with Petlog as a qualified microchip implanter.
Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Induction Seminar.
Doglaw Limited - New doglaw Developments - Part 1 - completed webinar.
TC Dog Training & ForPaws - Hide and Scent workshop.
Victoria Stillwell and guests - National Dog Bite Conference.
Nando Brown - Grumpy Dog Seminar.
Nando Brown - Nosework seminar.

Toni Shelbourne - TTouch Seminar.

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - 4 Day Practical Instructors Course.

David Ryan - Predatory Chase seminar.

Gateway/Open College Network Level III 'Principles of Dog Training And Behaviour' Qualification.

Ian Dunbar - Simple solutions for common behaviour and training problems

Ian Dunbar - Barking up the wrong tree? A critical analysis of existing learning theory - to make training easier, simpler, quicker and much more effective

Ian Dunbar - Pros and cons of the five reward-based training techniques

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Injecting fun into classes

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Happy recallers

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Loose Leaders

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Mind your own Business
Currently studying for her Behaviour Practitioner diploma with the British College of Canine studies - Unit 1 passed

Resource Guarding and in House Fighting - Karen Wilde

PPG Webinar - The dark side of dog training with Louise Stapleton-Frappell, Angelica Steinker and Daniel Antolec


Dale has been training dogs on and off for 12 years. She has  an impressive level of experience in teaching classes, one to one lessons, outdoor workshops and residential training. Dale set up VIP Dog Training Services to service the needs of dog owners in the local area, to provide a premier service.


Dale has shared her life with a variety of dogs, including a Rough Collie, Lurchers, German Shepherds, collies and Greyhounds. Always feeling very lost if there wasn't a dog in her life.

​Courses and Qualifications

VIP Dog Training Services - Basic dog training

​VIP Dog Training Services - Classes, how to teach them

​VIP Dog Training Services - Dog training 101

​VIP Dog Training Services - How dogs learn

​VIP Dog Training Services - Funk up your training

​Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Loose Leaders

​Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Mind your own business

Nicola Onions 

​Kris is Dales partner and helps her run the business. He has a keen interest in dogs. He has completed several assessments with VIP Dog Training Services and knows his stuff.

​Kris will be attending several courses this year from IMDT as well as several seminars.

​He has completed his basic dog training certificate with VIP Dog Training and is currently working through an extensive reading list.

​Kris helps at all the classes, one to ones, and pet sitting.

Kris McEwan

Contact us!

Telephone: 07957 806752

                    01256 478510


Nicola has a life time of experience working with dogs. She has grown up with GSD's and Rottweilers. She currently owns a 3 year old Rottweiler named Arwen and has completed all the courses with VIP Dog Training. 

Nicola used to be a trainer for Guide Dogs for the Blind and has a wealth of experience with different techniques and methods. 

In her normal life Nicola is a Science Teacher in a secondary school and the assistant head of year of the sixth form at the school. This means Nicola is skilled at teaching people as well as dogs. 

Nicola is a very valuable member of the team and is a superb instructor.